My baby keeps bumping his head whenever his crying or angry.

My lo is 19months old. Its was started when he was 1year old. He keeps on bumping his head on the floor or on the wall accidentally that is why we comfort him. Hug him. He feel safe whenever it happened. And now when he doesnt get what he wants or does bad thing like hurt his sister and we get mad at him something like that. He cry and hurt his head bump it on the floor or wall. So i cant stop myself from comforting him so he will stop doing it. What will i do? Im really worried. Thank you so much.

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You can check and read this mommy.. mahirap I manage talaga Yan sis.pero best thing to do is to provide safe environment. May mga wall stickers na padded Kung mahilig siya mag umpog Ng ulo, and ganun din sa floor.. and 2nd is ignore mo Yung tantrums Niya. Pag nag give in ka sa tantrums Niya mag tutuloy tuloy na Yan sis. . Everytime na may gusto siya n di Niya makuha even in public places mag tatantrums na siya.. masama madala niya hanggang paglaki para Lang mapasunod Kayo sa gusto Niya. Sana makatulong.,the%20room%20for%20a%20minute.

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Pacheck up nyu po sa pedia na mommy, red flag na po yung sa ulo.. :(