Stay at home moms, our temperaments get the better of us, especially when we are trapped at home for several days. How do you realistically deal with it?

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Being a stay-at-home mother is a stressful job and science has proven it.   Remember to breathe. This sounds obvious, but when you are stressed, your breathing changes and magnifies those frayed emotions. You can calm yourself by merely taking a few minutes, focusing on the way you are breathing, and purposely changing your breath pattern. Here’s how: Start with a smooth and steady slow inhale. Then hold it for a few seconds, and exhale that breath at a somewhat slower pace. Do this maybe five to 10 times, and feel the calmer mood settle in. Ahhhhh.

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I give myself a me-time and it's a must. At times, I purposely stay in the bathroom for hours or fold the clothes for too long because I really need to have an alone time. Prior to having a baby, I loved it when I'm all by myself—watching movie, drinking coffee and while eating out. So it must still continue, even just at home or else I'll feel insane. Lol

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I make sure I go out for a walk at shopping centre or marketing at least once per week. My hubby will give me some personal time every weekend to do my craft work and every 2 weeks for me to go do hair treatment Nor facial. We will talk and arrange time for me to get back my sane to be able to function effectively as a happy Mother and Wife.

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Have a hobby, maintain a support system consisting of friends (a mix of mommies and non mommies). With the mommies you can rant about children, household related stuff while with the non mommy friends, you can get your mind of your mommy duties :) step out, take a walk with your child every now and then. Hang in there, Mommy!

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My only outlet is a massage session every week and a buffet at least once a week also, or even twice a month will do. I love to eat unlimited to release all the stress in me. :) I also have group chats on Facebook where I can share my sentiments with.

I allow myself to unwind at least every weekend. We go out as a family and bond somewhere else because I want a different environment during the weekends. During the weekends, we sometimes go to the nearest grocery store or eat out somewhere.

Not sure how old are yr kids, can bring them out for a walk. Act as a breather for u as well. Get some ME time over the weekend. even if it is 2 hrs.Helps to recharge.

I need to go out at least 30 minutes a day. even I only walk around my home or watering my garden.