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is that true that eating spicy food can effect breast milk taste?
Though a tiny fraction of what you ingest does go into your milk supply, it's unlikely that eating spicy food will affect your baby. In actual fact, if your amniotic fluid or breastmilk sometimes tast
are there any ways to boost babies' intelligence?
I know alot of parents are into using flash cards but personally, I'm not a big fan. I believe that the best way to nurture a baby's burgeoning intelligence is to fill his or her days with fun, games
what fish/seafood are good for 1 year old babies?
My kods love cod. I personally don't fancy them.
threadfin, salmon are great for babies
Flounder, Haddock, Cod, and Sole are some of the fishes considered the safest to introduce. They are the most easily digestible and lowest on the allergen list. Just make sure you debone the fish prop
What is your kid's favorite seafood?
My little cousins love those breaded cod fish fingers and also prawns. They're not allergic so they can eat quite a bit.
Who is your favorite celebrity and how did she/he influence your parenting style?
I'd like to say mine is Michelle Obama - because I want to pass on to my child values of empathy and kindness.
i loved the way Kareena Kapoor carried her maternity style. even though i had both my kids by then, i cant but get inspired by her style and the way she is comfortable in her body
Gal Gaddot because she's a breastfeeding advocate.
I like Joanne peh
I quite admire Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They seem pretty down to earth and their kids always have look like they are having fun! Also, I read a while back that Angelina Jolie defended her daughte
Does your baby have special ways to show her love to you?
Oh. . Yes yes at least for my LO. Every single time he looks me. In the eye without fail. And he ensures that he gets my attention then the both of us will be locked eye to eye. If you really keep
When kids are allowed to have their own cellphones?
I gave my son his mobile on his 11th birthday. We are a nuclear family and this was more to stay connected. I had given my son clear instructions that I can check his mobile any time I want to and t
What was your feeling when you held your baby for the first time?
Immediate overwhelming sense of love...
it was so sad but yet i was happy we tried for 3 years
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A bit surreal yet devoid of feelings, it somehow felt odd that one moment I was pregnant and after a GA operation, the baby was there.
The feeling cannot be described in words. It was a heavenly, out-of-the-world, magical, unbelievable feeling!
What was your feeling when you held your baby for the first time?
Unbelievable. So in love and happy
The most amazing moment ever - took my breath away and then I realised everything has changed (for the better!)
This is the best moment of my life
Indescribable feeling
Truly out of this world!!!😄