Spouse Fight

What are some odd issues that you and your spouse fight about?

Spouse Fight
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We normally try to avoid fighting in front of our kids but choose to talk things out. If he doesn't agree to something and gets angry he will tend to keep quiet n let things cool down before voicing out his opinion. For me I will give him space n ask when things have calm down. That's the best solution when u have 4 growing kids.

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Refuse to nap together when lo is napping. Hahaha actually just wanted my hubby get his rest. Same thing he will scold me if I never nap with lo.. And keep watching shows.. Hahahaa

Due to kids,Always i feel anxiety when my kids dont eat food and then ended up fought with husband that i am tired😂

Not helping with any household chores, not looking after the kids, always in the bedroom playing iPad

Step child and ex wife! Always almost every month lol

Vacation, especially deciding the exact date to travel

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Always have to help him do stuffs, else he complains

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Money and visit my parents due to long journey

Who switches off the lights at night.

Opinions on current affairs, and money too