Sorry dears, was out of town with extremely bad internet access... But I'm back...I know I missed a lot...but I'll keep up... I would like to know what defines a true friend?? Want to use this topic in our family discussion for my kids...

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Hi Nita, Good to see you back. Well! I think a true friend is someone who doesn't shy away from telling you when you are going wrong. A true friend would not be judgemental about you. He will be the one who will trust you, and in the process it is our responsibility that if we find such friend we should never break the trust of such a friend. A true friend is very hard to find and if one does find one, then one should treasure him like a jewel. Also, a true friend will be your friend in thick and thin.

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Hi, Welcome back! A true friend would be the one to whom you do not have to give explanations. He is the one with whom you can be yourself, the real you. He is the one with whom you may not have spoken in years, but if you meet him, you start off with the same note as years back.

for me, a true friend is one who will understand me and listen to me without being judgmental, and also give her or his own suggestion and point of view without sounding preachy. a true friend will also point out something that i am doing wrong and that needs to be rectified