Hi, my lo is going to be 6mo in 1 wk plus..i tried offering him semi solid yesterday (apple puree) and today (pear puree) and the reaction is like we are feeding some poison..lol. he also dont really open up his mouth when the spoon is nearing..and i can see his tongue kept pushing out the puree and spitting out...does this mean he have not lost his tongue thrust reflex and not ready for solid yet? Then i tried to finish the puree in front of him to show him how to eat...he is not interested and will turn away. We only recently started to put him on high chair to observe our meal times and most of the times..he is looking elsewhere. Dont seem interested in food yet. What shall i do? Shall i continue to try feeding him puree or should i stop and wait till 6mo or later? What if 6mth come and he is still pushing food out using his tongue?

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That's a pretty normal reaction for some babies when they are trying new foods. They'll get used to the taste of semi solid foods eventually. Is your baby breastfeeding before this? Perhaps you can try adding some breastmilk to the fruit puree just so baby gets a taste of something familiar mixed with something new. That's what my friend did when she started feeding baby solids. It helped tremendously with the transition. Hope this suggestion helps :)

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8y ago

thanks for this tip! i will try mixing it nxt round!

Is normal. At 1 wk before 6 mth I started BLW with my boy... let him play with his first food which I'm gg to intro him when he turns 6 Mths. First 2 wks he will give me the disgusted look n do not want to eat. But keep offering .... now at 9+ Mths he is already eating like an adult taking rice n diced veg/meat totally without mashing or blending ( he only popped 2 teeth at last few days of this 7mth) now gg to pop the 2 TOP ones soon

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What my friends did was to mix rice cereal with breastmilk/formula. Just a small amount to let baby get used to the texture and taste of solids. Having the breastmilk/formula retains a familiar taste for the baby and may help baby accept the new food. Other common purees they have tried are sweet potato and pumpkin. :)

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Totally normal! Infact babies all have thatfunny, yucky lool. When tasting new food. But that does notmean anything. Its okay! Keep feeding and trying again. Do not feel disheartened. In time baby expression will change. Try adding some milk and go slow with the introduction.

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Wait till 6 months. No hurry. Pls start with either cereal or veggie purée and not fruits. Get them used to savoury first. We recently started and baby takes avocado, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrot and corn so far. She does not like cereal or yoghurt very much, rest she is ok with.

8y ago

thanks for your advice! i will try avo or cereal nxt round!

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