Can i check do you encountered baby about 3months 3 weeks to 4 months who dont drink milk. Can whole day maybe just take in about only 300ml of milk? He keep on crying whenever i feed him milk and refuse to drink but mouth is making the sound tak tak tak as if he wants to eat. And also lately i found he keep on sucking his hand but sometimes few fingers in it and legs will go high up or sometime rubbing his feet. I'm so worried. Can someone share experience?

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Don't worry. It is quite common behavior but u need to figure out what is the cause behind it. I listed a few possibilities: 1) milk strike - baby refuses to drink, drinks little, can be calm - some parents resort to force feeding which is a long and tiring process or just smaller quantities at higher frequencies 2) teething - since ur baby is putting hands into mouth - this could be a longer phase - give cool tethers and can also put teething gel on the gums to numb the gums especially before feed - can buy any brand over the counter 3) teat issue - the teat is too slow for baby - consider changing the teat and see if baby will drink more - they may just suddenly want a bigger teat and feel angry abt the milk not coming fast enough 4) a combination of the above 5) check and see if baby have ulcers in the mouth (lips/throat) Hopefully u can solve the mystery soon :) if purely milk strike - then just have to wait it out

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6y ago

thanks for sharing.. so usually milk strike for how long ?

My daughter did go through a period of milk strike. Her lowest intake was around 450ml. What I did was try to feed her while she was asleep. Occasionally she will reject the bottle, but I will keep wiggling the bottle in her mouth until she drinks. Another method you can try is using a syringe to feed. Please remember to monitor her diapers and ensure she is not dehydrated. Hope this phase goes away soon!

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