What is wrong with my son?

My son is 3-year-old and 8 months already and barely speaks our vernacular at all. Does he have his own language? My hubby and I presume that he's just creating sounds which we couldn't be able to decode. Sometimes, he has his own world--he's staring at nowhere then giggles. Though, he can follow commands and loves arranging things in order, shapes and colors. Another thing I have observed, he does not want to look straight to my eyes when I wanted to talk to him. He would just stare at me then laugh.

What is wrong with my son?
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may gnyan akong kakilala anak nya same sa situation ng baby mo po. he's making noise na hnd nmn alam Kung words ba un or naglalaro sya . then sya nmn uupo sya sa bintana at paglalaruan nya Yung dulo ng kurtina at naaliw sya dun minsan nag giggles dn sya ng wala nmn syang kausap . my sariling mundo dn sya .kaya kpg iniiwan samin si baby boy nahhrapan kming alagaan kc ayaw nya n pnapansin mo sya kaya ayun hayaan lng nmin sya pero bantay padn at my autism ung bata. tingin ko patingin nio po c baby boy para ma guide po kayo

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pacheck po s Neurodevelopmental pedia. They will assess the child if he is normal, or special. They will give advices as well as therapy to improve all his skills and motions, tulad po ng anak ko 😊 baka po same sila, autism spectrum.

I have read somewhere, I mean in an article once that one symptoms of an Autistic child is arranging things in order.. You should go get your son checked mommy to be sure. So you'll know what to do on his development..

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It can be autism po. It's better to have him checked by a professional na po. You can bring him sa pedia nya po para maadvisan kayo nang maayos kung anong dapat ninyong gawin sa kanya. ☺️

better consult pedia momy.. kapag daw po kasi walang eye contact, it should be checked asap.

Better tell your pedia and they can refer you to a developmental pedia or other specialist.

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it is best for him to be assessed by a professional like a developmental pediatrician. :)

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Mas maganda pacheck up mo na Momsh.. try talking to him and iwas muna ang screen time..

Please have him checked by a dev ped.

red flags for autism