Is it something I should be concerned that my LO only flips on one side? LO will only flip to her left if i gives her a slight push, I tried encouraging her to flip to her left by placing toys on the left, but she will only turn to her side and seemed stuck. However, she flips pretty fast on her right.

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Give her a little time, she will get there. Most babies have a preferred side in which they are stronger at. With some practice, and perhaps some help if you want, she should be able to get it soon. :)

my LO flipped using his right for almost 2 months before flipping using his left recently! he's 6MO now. I didn't do anything, he decided to do the left flip on his own :)

My 4.5 month old girl also flips on the right side currently. She still needs some help to flip on her left. I shall leave it for her to pace herself.

Dont worry too much about it dear, let them grow at their own pace. It will come. Keep continuing to encourage LO. Take a chill pill dear :)

My lo prefer one side to flip too...not a concern..its normal!