Does your baby fight sleep? Mine (3mo) will and will run her head Left-right-left-right when I let her sleep on her back. When I let her sleep on her side, she will "dig" her cheek/face into the mattress, something like rooting. Do you guys face the same issue too? Cheers!

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Babies are curious! They are more attracted to the surroundings than asked to sleep. Mine does it too! Until he is so tired that he screamed murder. When it is time for nap, you can try to keep the room dim with darker curtains or on some soothing music for them to listen. Do not on the music too loud. Usually I will on nursery rhymes. If it is for bedtime, you will have to make a sleeping routine so that they know that it is time for bed. Follow the routine closely will be a great help. You can change your baby, off the lights, on some music and let them sleep. You can also consider swaddling her. This is swear upon by a lot of mummies and it also helps them to sleep longer.

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It could be due to your baby's personality and temperament. Is your loved one usually very social and active in the day? Perceptive, social and active babies are more likely to fight sleep because they don’t want to miss any minute of fun and they have learned that being awake is wayyyy more stimulating and interesting than being asleep. Babies are adorable like that :)

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Yes. There are times you'd see her really sleepy but she'd try to stay wide awake because it seems she's looking forward to something, and so you'll see her uneasy until she becomes cranky coz she couldn't take it anymore. LOL

Exactly like mine! I didnt know that's fight sleep! I will pat her when she does that and she will naturally fall asleep.