Some people don't believe in the cry it out sleep training method here - what's the thinking here?

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I also don't believe in the cry it out sleep training method too. Same as Jamie, I think in the long run, babies will grow up to be insecure, inconfident and may affect the development. To add on, I came across this article on why babies in orphanage don't cry. The answer just make me feel sad for these babies. If we allow our babies to also cry to sleep, yes, they may eventually learn to be quiet and sleep. But how different are they from these poor orphans?

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This is the method that parents give in to when the baby is little older and they know that it is not some physical problem that is ailing them but that's a kind of crying bout. Parents get too tired trying to calm them down and when nothing works, this method does work sometimes. Personally, I have resorted to this method just once. It makes you feel guilty later for letting the baby cry for long and you have to be little more stern that you already may be.

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Cry is the only communication babies have when they are in discomfort. I personally don't believe in cry-it-out-sleep. It just only means that you haven't responded to his discomfort call and let him continue to experience his pain and get exhausted and finally fall asleep. Just compare this with my approach - stomach full with cereal or milk, lullaby in the background and me beside tapping him, as he falls into sleep.

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I am one of those people. I believe babies cry for a reason and letting them cry it out makes them feel insecure. They'll sleep, but only because they're exhausted from all that crying.

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For me, I fear my child will trust me less of I go with the cry it out method -- looking back to that day and not trusting that mommy will be there at times of distress :(

I also don't believe in the cry it out sleep training method. I only believe a mother's instinct and she will know the best suitable method for the baby. :)

I don't believe in it too as the child is still very young