Any baby sleep training book to recommend? I prefer NO cry-it-out method.

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Lie down next to her and she will feel secure you being there and would go to sleep. You can also sing a lullaby or just switch off the lights and keep talking random things while patting her, this also puts baby to sleep. But remember whatever method you apply to put her to sleep, she will get accustomed to it and you will have to follow it. So, try the one that requires least effort as there are times when you are not available or there are guests at home and you have to attend them too. If you will make him sleep with no noise, then he would grow up to sleep in the atmosphere that should be quiet. He would wake up in the slightest of noise.

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How about the "Sleeping Like A Baby" by Pinky McKay. Not only is she a best-selling author, she is also a mother of 5. So she knows what she's talking about. Pinky does not only writes about knowledge and personal experience, she has science to back her up. She also includes other mothers' experience so reading this book is pretty holistic.

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You can consider this book "Sleeping through the night" by Jodi Mindell Ph.D. My friend refers to this while trying to sleep train her boy and found it helpful. It is available at the NLB:

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