What are your thoughts about the cry it out method to sleep train babies?

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I am against the idea. I think crying it out makes the baby scared and lose their trust in us. We should let the baby feel safe and establish some form of trust with us rather than let them cry it out. Yes of course after a few days of crying it out they may learn to soothe themselves and go back to sleep on their own but the impact on their trust in the environment and parents is damaged permanently. I will never let my baby scream until she is hoarse just to sleep train her. Sleeping on their own and through the night should come naturally in time to come. We as parents should let nature take it path rather than train them in such manner

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I think that it is a terrible method. The only reason why it might work for a night or 2 is that the baby is totally exhausted from all the crying and screaming for help and attention and comfort and no one is coming to his/her rescue. Whichever method u have been using, and then to suddenly one night just dump the baby to cry to sleep - that's a very abrupt and hard change

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Some sleep train by the pick up put down method, where they soothe the baby when he cries then put him back to the cot to slowly drift off to sleep. I am against cry it out method as the baby will just feel insecure that no one is saving him when hes desperately calling for help.

i think it is bloody cruel and should be banned! its child abuse