How do I teach my 6 month old LO to sleep without nursing, and in his own crib? I don't really want to resort to the cry it out method. Thanks.

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Breastfeeding your child to sleep and for comfort is not a bad thing to do. In fact, it’s normal, healthy, and developmentally appropriate. Breastfeeding is obviously designed to comfort and help a child sleep. Try transitioning from breastfeeding your child totally to sleep, to breastfeeding him almost asleep; then to just really relaxed, and then eventually to no breastfeeding at all to go to sleep. The process may take a long time, or it may not. If you’ll start out taking it as gradually as you possibly can, it will probably work better and you’ll avoid possible problems and frustrations for both you and your baby. You might start by lying down with him in the bed he will sleep in for naps, or on the floor, etc. – wherever he will be sleeping. Don’t insist that he sleep in the crib if he doesn’t want to. Your goal at this point it to get him comfortable enough and secure enough to go to sleep on his own. You don’t want that made more difficult by any fears of being alone in his crib. Offer him his favorite toy or pillow or bolster or blankie for him to feel secure.

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Is there any way you can reconsider your decision to make him sleep alone? Your baby is still very yound and totally depend on you for comfort and security. However, i agree with your opinion not to use cry it out method. It'll affect your baby's emotion. Jasmine's advice is very good. As in other matters related to babies, we must have a lot of patience. All the best!

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7y ago

He won't be alone - just in his crib next to us :) thinking it might be safer as he grows older.. I accidentally elbowed him the other night in the head and felt so worried about it.

He won't be alone - just in his crib next to us :)