I am a terrible mother

I feel so sad because I love my son so much. But whenever I get upset when baby doesn’t sleep, or whatever reason, I just keep blurting everything that is in my mind out every time I’m in front of him and if I cannot really control it because if I tolerate I will explode even worst. I feel so bad that I’m throwing all my nonsense to my son but at the same time I’m just so tired. I love him so much I melt into a puddle of love whenever he looks at me and smile. How can I stop my nonsense in front of him. I couldn’t even tell my husband how I feel because he simply just doesn’t care. Hais

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you are NOT a terrible mum cos you do feel bad and you love your son so much ya.. we are humans and we will definitely feel frustrated and have a need to let it out, don’t be too hard on yourself. find something you like, or something that will cheer you up, try to divert the frustrations.