Feeling depressed. No emotional support.

I’m currently 12+2. I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum with severe vomiting since I’m 5 weeks. I’ve been in and out the hospital for my condition and I can stay up to 1 week in hospital. Until now, my nausea n vomiting are still very bad. And I’m Im feeling super sick and weak. I cried many times and don’t know how to continue with my pregnancy. I feel so depressed. I feel there’s no one can understand what I’m going through and how bad I feel. Even my husband. I cried many times in front of him and telling him I’m depressed, I want to give up. He ask me not to. But nothing else was done. Although he brought me in and out of the hospital, I don’t feel him there for me when I need someone. He may be too used to my vomiting. Whenever I vomit, he will never come to me to pat on me or ask if I need any help. If I vomit in front of him, I can see his expression feeling gross or disgusted. There’s many times where I vomit so badly till I choked and I can’t even breathe. No one was there. Be it I’m in the toilet or I’m just vomiting beside him, he will ignore and do his own things. All he will say is if I can’t take it, just go hospital. Just now when I was vomiting so badly beside him, he did not came to offer any help. Not even passing me a tissue. He simply walk pass me and bring my son to the room and sleep together leaving me behind in the living room. I really don’t know how to continue. I’m all alone. I really feel like giving up. Can’t take it anymore.

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Hey mummy! Don’t give up! When I was in first trimester, I also felt very lonely and I kept crying and was at the verge of divorce because I felt that my hubby doesn’t care but I try to speak to my friends and complain about my hubby (I know it’s not very nice but at least it’s an outlet to vent) otherwise just post here! There are also many support ! I am sure he is feeling helpless and he would have taken over all your symptoms if he could but he can’t. He might be feeling overwhelmed too and also having to manage a 1 year old child, at least he is supporting in every other way.. ❤️❤️❤️ Jiayou! Don’t give up!

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Hello fellow mummy, don't give up and try to reach out to your bigger support network. Perhaps your husband think that it is just pregnancy hormones and fail to see that you need his emotional and physical support. Maybe you can try to verbalise your needs to him and point out ways you think he can do to help you specifically. He might be clueless how to help and not know what to do when you share you are depressed and hence his reaction is to be dismissive of this behaviour, hoping you will stop. In the meantime, try to talk to your friends or other family members as well. I hope you will feel better soon.

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Big hugs to u! If u want a preggy buddy, happy to connect with you 🙂 since we are both having March babies, we are likely to be going through the same milestones at the same time.

Go and see Ko Soo Meng at Mt Alvernia. Very experienced with pre and post natal depression. I recommend him as I used his service for many years!

I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a terrible time.. Would you consider aborting?