Sino dito walang helper or yaya? Our yaya left so wala na kaming katulong sa ibang household chores. I don't work everyday like 8-5 ,my work is kinda flexible. Thrice a week (half day) in a school, then saturdays naman whole day then on sunday afternoon i do tutorials at home.I tried leaving my baby sa relatives ng hubby ko which is near to our house pag nagwork ako on weekdays. So far. okay naman. The only problem is that i can't do all the chores when I'm at home..minsan napapagod nako mag laundry. And my body is exhausted every night. Our house is like a townhouse style hanggang 3rd floor cya. and I'm thinking of moving to a smaller house para di nakakapagod. How do you manage to do all the chores?

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Same here. I maximize my hour to do as much as I can when the kids are sleeping. When they are awake naman, I give them toys and other activities to give me more time to work.