How Much Salt Intake Do You Eat Per Day?

Just a simple fact, too much salt is unsafe during pregnancy because it is one factor that can lead to pre-eclampsia/eclampsia. Salt or Sodium Chloride (NaCl), is one of the main ingredient in our daily diet minsan hindi po natin alam na madami na pala kinakain natin na salt content food. Example po ung regular Soy Sauce natin, ang 1 tablespoon or 15ml na toyo ay mayroong (Silver Swan) 1040mg of salt, ang instant noodles ay mayroong (Lucky Me) 1792mg of salt, yan palang ay 2,832mg na or 2.83g na wala pa po jan ung ginagamit natin sa ibang pangluto. And ang recommended na daily salt intake natin ay dapat 2g per day lang beyond po ay risky na. To be safe I follow this routine in diet before pregnancy for me and my husband because we wanted to conceive healthy (as possible).. And stay healthy... So to substitute the regular Soy Sauce, we use Kikkoman 43%less salt which only has 571mg in 1Tbsp or 15ml, and ung regular salt na Sodium Chloride, we use Iodized Salt which is beneficial for your thyroid and growing baby, but when cooking fish we do not put salt anymore instead we place 2 pcs of garlic inside the fish when frying or sugba, and for soup season late with salt. And we also avoid using betsin, instead we use herbs. Hope this tips can help your family. Plus, drink lots of water to flush out all the impurities we intake.

How Much Salt Intake Do You Eat  Per Day?
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