FAMHEALTHY: Promoting Healthy Eating for your Family.

Hi mommies and daddies did you watch the webinar session of FAMHEALTHY about Quarantine Eating? Sharing here some of my takeaways from the webinar: ✔️Avoid stress eating. Stress eating is putting food in our mouth to answer emotions caused by anxiety or stress, even if you're not hungry. ✔️Avoid foods that are high in caffeine, sugar, and salt. Anything taken in excessive amount is bad for our health. ✔️ Modify or choose healthier options for the ingredients of our food. We can include egg or vegetables in the instant noodles so we can still have a balanced and complete diet. ✔️ Eat slowly as it takes 20 minutes before our body realizes that we're already full. ✔️Doctors are now open for teleconsult. Seek medical attention if you feel something. These are just few of those discussed topics. Be reminded that keeping our family healthy is our top priority especially during this quarantine and we can do a lot of things to be healthy. As per Dr. Lynn, we can be innovative. We can cook our own food. Plant herbs and spices so we are sure that there are no additives to the produce we are serving our family. Just in case you haven't watched the webinar you can watch the reply on this link: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=220985479215674&id=250599504286 Together with @sanofi.ph , let's promote a healthier eating habit. #FamHealthy #SanofiActs #TheAsianparentPHLive

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thanks for sharing momma. dami kong natutunan dito

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I've watched it and really learned a lot

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watched it and I learned a lot too