Hi, should i stick to giving my 13 month old boy formula or switch to cow's milk already? understand we should be giving our LOs full cream milk now but formula's skimmed milk right?

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It's up to your personal comfort and preference! Like what mummies have said before, it's really up to your personal opinion - some mummies prefer formula, while others prefer fresh milk. Whatever it is you decide, remember that the main source of nutrients should be from solids and not from milk anymore! For me, I gave my son fresh milk from 14 months old onwards (I took two months to convince my parents to do the switch because I was still in school at that time and they were the ones feeding him while I'm away). He also reduced his milk feeds as time passed, and became a lot more interested in food - he's also NOT a picky eater so I'm not worried about his nutrient intake. I'd say that fed is best - no matter what you're feeding your child - but my personal preference is fresh milk over formula :)

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I understand that baby after 12 month old get nutrients from their solid foods. And drinking milk is only for their calcium intake. However I wasn't sure that the daily food nutrients I prepare is it enough for my 15 month old. Thus for me I still stick to friso 3. As it help in their brain development / or as a nutrients backup and it still maintain his 90% growth. So far so good I won't make any changes like changing to fresh milk. :)

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I would stick with either full cream fresh milk or goats milk. Fresh goats milk from hay diairies or full cream milk such as farmhouse or greenfields. I would not go for cows milk. In my opinion. http://www.haydairies.com.sg/ http://singaporebaby.com/milk-brands-singapore-every-parent-needs-know/

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I feed formula for my boy - and he is 3 years now. I know I know - there is all the talk about formula being artificially made, not natural etc. but for me - I feel that's the best and it's my kid anyway =) so it's your choice!

You can switch to cows milk however its not a must. Its totally up to you. You'll have to trial and error to see which cows milk will suit your child best. However i cant deny that it'll save you a lot of money tho 😏

Hi~i think you should still give ur kid formula as their teeth and bones r still growing. My son coming 3 years have been feeding on friso. At their age they still require alot of nutrients from the formula.

Definitely formula for my Lo. Formula has all the added nutrients that cows milk doesn't have like dha etc. Only give cows milk if your baby is an amazing eater and is eating enough organic veggies, meat etc

Can stick Can switch Dependent on what the LO prefers I have 2 One switched at 13 months The other didn’t like fresh milk and is still on formula

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There is no need for FM after 1 year old, unless advised otherwise by PD. Please give full cream cow’s milk, unless ur kiddo is overweight++

I give my child full cream fresh milk n DHA from Scott's cod liver oil every morning.. Rest of the nutrients from solid food..