Can my 13 month don’t switch to full cream milk? Can she continue to drink formula milk?

I see some questions posted about switching their baby to full cream milk.

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My boi been on FM this whole time since he stop on BM no long at his 1st bday,school stopped giving Formula changed To UHT mini pack his not taking it ever at home try to cheat him it his usual milk he know it not the taste he rem it to be so it up to u and ur lo,l still give my boi his milk powder every night 300ml

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If ur child is eating well, u can switch to full cream milk. If not, can continue fm. It takes awhile for the child to transit. Just keep exposing

Of course can continue drinking FM is the best choice to continue drinking until 7 or 8 years old

My 2.5 years old child is still taking FM. I think it is up to individual preference.

Yes, personally it’s up to you. My 3yo is still drinking FM, haha. :D

All this while my 2.5 year old has been drinking formula milk

If you can afford until any age also can. :-p

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yes you can! i feel this is really up to parents la..

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yes. is up to you