Hi, should i stick to giving my 13 month old boy formula or switch to cow's milk already? understand we should be giving our LOs full cream milk now but formula's skimmed milk right?

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Full cream milk is what we used once my child turned 1. My PD just asked us to ensure it’s homogenised and Pasteurised milk.

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Before switching to formula or cow’s milk, you should try different formulas. Choose the milk that your child prefers

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depending on your comfort level. i gave my second son fresh milk after he goes to childcare as he refuses formula

Try to play your options as to which brand your kid will like. Does he prefer milk in general of formula milk

Depends on preference, both should be fine and depending on how well your baby boy adapts to it :)

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Upto individual preference. for me i still prefer to give formula milk my LO 15mos old. 😊

If baby is eating well. Can start switching to cow’s milk

Up to individual preferences. I will still give formula


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up to your comfort. i let mine try everything.