What milk to give?

Should i stick to giving my 13 month old boy formula or switch to fresh milk already? understand we should be giving our LO's full cream milk now but formula's skimmed milk right?

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Don't think you need to worry about the skimmed milk. the formula has so many nutrients inside. For my LO, i alternate it! Morning and night feed is his S26 milk, and noon is fresh milk. Because yes I agree that formula has more iron and other nutrients that my baby needs, but also the fresh milk provides healthy fats that are important for their brain development

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It depends on your LO’s acceptance. I tried starting my LO on fresh milk when she turns one but despite trying out several brands of fresh milk, it all gave her terrible constipation so I had no choice but to give formula.


Hmmm... I am thinking of actually doing the transition slowly, and not immediately cut off and stop giving my baby formula milk. I am scared she is not used to it. Plus, my baby loves her S-26 milk!