Should I start taking prenatal vitamins even before I start conceiving?

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Yuppp i heard it's better to "equip" and "prepare" your body before having a baby. I have been taking a women's multivitamin that contains daily vitamins and minerals beneficial to me normally but also great if I want to conceive in the future.

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Yes, you should. Prenatal vitamins and folic acid tablets, if taken 3 months before conception, have been shown to be beneficial to the foetus and its neural development.

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Yes, folic acid is readily available. Can get it off the shelves from any drugstore/pharmacy like watsons.

Yes you can start to take prenatal vitamins such as Blackmores Conceive Well, which include folic acid.

Yes itll help you build up all the vitamins. Plus if you are missing any it's good for that

Yes. I started to take folic acid a month prior to getting pregnant.

Yes, it is important you start taking folic acid before TTC


You may start taking folic acid already.