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Hi mummies to be, Just wondering if you’ll take prenatal vitamins besides folic acid. I’m on folic acid and progesterone pills so far and heard from some that we should start prenatal multi vitamins asap. I’m already turning 8 weeks soon and wondering have I missed out on the important vitamins? When and what do you’ll suggest to start with? #firstbaby

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I have not been taking any other pre natal vitamins at first tri. I only take folic acid and whatever else prescribe. When Ive reach 2nd trimester then Ill take obumin, fish oil and other prenatal vitamins. As it is the early stage of pregnancy, baby is still forming up hence I avoid it to prevent complications or other risk that I'm unaware of.

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2mo ago

agree on this. Same with me, I’m 11weeks, and only taking follic acid as prescribed

I only started calcium pills etc on my 11th week when I went for my second scan, upon instructions from doctor

I'm currently 10 weeks and have been taking swisse ultinatal and folic acid prescribed by my doc :)

Usually just folic unless there’s a specific deficiency your doc recommends to supplement

only folic acid for me and start on DHA, calcium and multivits from week 12 onwards