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waist pain
Is it normal to be experiencing waist pain in early pregnancy say 8weeks?
See gynae
itching on my stomach
I have been experiencing this itching on my stomach of late and it became more intense today, though, I am 7weeks 6days gone. My question is, is it not too early to start having itching stomach? I tho
check with ur gynaecologist
asthmatic attack in pregnancy
I am pregnant still in my first trimester and also asthmatic. Is it safe to take Ventolin sabutamulor tablet and predisole when I have attack?
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Hi... this is a medical question. Please seek advise from your doctor or consult your gynecologist
For a woman experiencing like a stretchy blood like discharge sometimes when I wipe after using the restroom. Spoken to my GYN he said everything is fine. Should I be worried. 6weeks gone
It's the old blood. Don't be worried. It happenS ..Only worry if its bright red and if it has severe cramps... Other than that simply relax and use a panty liner..