NIPT or Oscar?

Should i go for NIPT or Oscar? NIPT is S$1200 and Oscar is S$400? I am 33 this year. What do you girls think?

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I’m 31 this year and I did NIPT $1200 for peace of mind. Results for trisomy turned out normal but high risk for DiGeorge. DiGeorge test is included as part of NIPT as they test for more compared to Oscar. It got me and my husband really worried when we realised they tested for DiGeorge without us knowing. Doctor did detailed fetal scan at 14 week, encouraged me to do Amnio test. Did it and results came out at 19 weeks - thankfully all cleared. I would suggest you discuss with your husband :)

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I went for Oscar at 25, as Oscar can also scan for other defects when they look for the neck and nose bridge. The doc recommended Oscar as it has 90% accuracy for chromosomal aberrations and also allows you to look at other defects at the same time. If score for Oscar is high, then they will do nipt

I am 35 and I went for NIPT because I keep reading in forums that quite a few mummies did Oscar and had unsatisfactory results. They later on did NIPT and found everything to be normal. To save myself the anxiety, I thought just do NIPT will be better.

32 yo first time mum here. I did NIPT mainly to test for down syndrome (we wanted a higher level of assurance and felt that we can afford it) but did not test for other chromosomal disorders like deletion as I read that chances of false positive was quite high.

Just go for NIPT. I'm 27 and thought Oscar should be fine. But ended up I got really bad results. High risk 1:39 cuz they couldn't detect baby's nasal bone during the scan. So still have to take NIPT. Results came out low risk and gets to know gender too.

In a same dilemma as u.. but was thinking to just take the basic which is OSCAR. Gynae said if got money to spare then take harmony lol. I think the wait for harmony is 2-3weeks, oscar is immediately?

I’m same age as you and I choose NIPT. For me and my hubby, we choose Bcos of higher accuracy, more Down syndrome tested (we choose enhanced version) & can know gender

Am 31 and the consultant told us to go with Oscar instead. She specifically said don’t waste money since I’m still young. But it’s really up to personal preference.

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My husband and I discussed about it before deciding on OSCAR cause we didn’t want to spend so much on the test since it’s not 100% accurate. But if you were to ask me now, at almost 33, and if I were to have another baby, I might opt for the NIPT for assurance; taking into consideration of the pandemic and health status, I think it won’t hurt to take extra precaution. Nonetheless, whatever your decision, ask yourself if you’ll still keep the baby if results weren’t what you expected.

I did NIPT cos its 99% accuracy and gender reveal too. Some people says they did OSCAR and didn't get clear result, ends up go for NIPT as well, so paying double price.

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31 yrs old, we decided to go for NIPT. My sis-in-law was 27 when she was pregnant and did the OSCAR, results came back medium risk. So it’s up to you.

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They continued with the pregnancy anyway, baby born healthy and well.