Hi Mommies, I would like to ask if most of you opted for OSCAR and/or NIPT (Harmony/Panorama) tests? Thinking if OSCAR is sufficient. thank you :)

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Hi I just did Harmony last week at KKH. As I’m on a high risk pregnancy I decided to choose that over Oscar and it gives more accuracy too. My previous pregnancies I did Oscar but for my 2nd, it did not detect the heart defect in my baby. As I’m currently worried for the risk of DS I thus decide for harmony. The price for the test varies if ur normal or pvt patient

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I did both at sgh - $60.25 subsidised for nuchal translucency even though I was Low risk for that I still opted for NIPT $795 (no sub) m. I would just stick to NIPT as I wanted to find out more incl the gender.

We opted for Harmony for the higher accuracy but still going for Oscar too, for the structure test that Harmony doesn’t do. Basically covering all bases. At KKH, Oscar = $184 (approx), Harmony = $795

oscar has high chance of false positive, just FYI.. my oscar was high risk but NIPT was low risk, can’t imagine if i didn’t do NIPT…

i just gonna do NIPT since i’ve seen many need to do both after false oscar result. and u can know the gender early with nipt also

I did panorama. It was recommended by the doctor. The price is definitely is highest of them all.