(Just sharing) Dear Parents, I experienced a "fight scene" while I'm doing my lesson. When I confronted my pupils...like the ordinary scenarios, they pointed fingers on who's to be blamed. And when I talked to them separately, I was kinda off guard when one of my pupil said that his parents taught him if someone punch him, he also punch, if someone kicks him he also kick...an eye for an eye/ a tooth for a tooth. For a teacher like me, I always do respect parents no matter what their beliefs and cultural backgrounds...but I do appeal and believe that Parents and Teachers should work together in unity to promote a healthy environment for the child's overall development.

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Hi, I appreciate your concern and appeal as a teacher. I think nowadays parents teach their children tit for tat because of their personal experiences in life. People in general are becoming so intolerant and non-receptive that little tiffs and arguments flare up their anger. People now think that because world is turning hostile, we should teach children to be defensive so that they can take care of themselves when elders are not around. In all this they forget that fighting their own class fellows is not the preparation to make them strong. And I won't deny that when sometimes I see my child coming back crying from school I tell her that you should have hit back the boy who hit you or should have complained to the teacher, and I know it is not right. I am working on it and hope each one of us will do, and get your message clear. Thanks again for reminding me this.

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When I was an untrained teacher, I got my class to act back the mean act to the mean student. Of course my "reporting officer" teacher had a talk with me because it was not the right thing to do. After that I always get the students to think of it in other people's shoes and to ask what if it goes on and on and on...won't it be meaningless and everyone get tired n hurt

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Oh geez, reminds me of my husband. He tends to get so upset at times that he tells my son to retaliate if someone hits him. I always intervened. Well, im not a monkey, i dont need to follow what others do right.

Too many protected kids these days... smallest whimper and parents come charging to school thinking that a tsunami has happened when it's their own precious one causing the trouble...