Can share the daily routine/activities at IFC for 3-4months? I am trying to convince my hubby to let my lo attend ifc.. my mil is old & the last time she took care of a baby was some 40years old, and she doesn't know things like nappy rash.. so should I put my lo with my mil or IFC? and my lo needs to be carried to sleep.. thinking whether IFC can help regulate his sleeping habits..

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Two spectrums. 1. IFC all professional, take care of child's every need thoroughly and reports to u the day's events or major setbacks. Child will learn to be very interactive. Cost is ex and child might fall sick every 3-4 months due to close proximity with other children of irresponsible parents. 2. Home care will always be preferred for the closeness and the bond child and parent/ grandparents can have. Cheapest alternative but may be stuck with illogical methods or wrong practices. Child might be more introverted and react to outside stimulus excessively aka too shy.

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It'll be safer to put in IFC as they are more well trained. - baby get independent earlier - walk, talk might be earlier But cons is baby may or may not get sick easier. There is many LO going ifc and they are doing very well. Can ur mil look after long term, even baby start crawling, walking, eating, can she handle all this? IFC won't be carrying ur LO sleep everyday, hence they will slowly quit away it may use rocker to rock them to sleep. Anyway that how the IFC below my house work. Other IFC, do go and take a look of how they work.

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If you feel your child can benefit the most from infant care, then convince your husband that it's for the best. Leaving your child in the care of professionals is very common these days and it's quite a conducive place for development and social skills. For that age, it's a lot of playtime, story time, naps, feedings and attention :)

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Hi, you can refer to my writeup on I tried to summarise my comparison points in the writeup, which should be applicable for your consideration between your mil and ifc.

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Maid + mil for first two years is better. Going ifc fall sick too often. End up also activate mil.