Hello mummies. I recently sent my then 14 week old daughter to an ifc just before my maternity leave ended. She just learned how to flip when she was 18 weeks old. (For the record, I have also stopped swaddling her long time ago since she was abt 2.5months old). However the IFC teachers recently tell me that they have always been swaddling her so that she can sleep 'better'. In fact.. the better meant she can sleep as long as 2.5hr to 4.0hr during day time when she is at IFC. Back at home, her naps are always between 30mins to 1.5hr max, never exceeding 1.5hrs. Was wondering if any LOs out there also nap as long during daytime back at home or over at IFC? My worries: 1) I prepare 3 bottles of EBM for 3hrly feeding, but she always drinks at most 2 bottles during the 9hrs she spends there! So the IFC teachers always defend to say, sleep is good for baby's growth and development, so we don't wake her up. 2) Isn't it said that once baby starts to flip/roll over, they should no longer be swaddled? (I did make it known to them abt this milestone). 3) Is something not right that my baby sleeps unusually longer over at IFC? Or am I just over worrying? Please share your thoughtsnand experiences with me. Many thanks!

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I send by boy to IFC when he was 4months from 730am-7pm 3 feed a day from 120ml to now 1 solid at 12pm + 150ml per feed, there are times only 2 feed a day, which the last feed is around 4plus. His nap time ranging from 30mins to 2hrs+ I gave clear instructions to principal that I want real time & actual reporting ie what time sleep, what time shower, no of diapers change, how many ml of milk left per feed etc. after 1st 2 weeks trial. I don't want teacher record for the sake of record and end of the day I assume he finish up 150ml but in fact he's not. After speak to principal I notice there's changes, teacher pay extra attention in reporting the facts, principal excuses was teacher might afraid parents will question why got so much milk leftover bla bla bla.. I told them I don't mind if there's wastage, just let me know the fact and don't strictly follow 3hrs feeding rules by waking him up for milk when he's sleeping. Reason why I speak to principal is because his nap time and feeding pattern is totally different from what he is at home. On our 1st day there, the so call senior teacher told me "u must set schedule for them, u cannot feed by demand, we will help u to train him here" I was shock when i heard and start observe his behaviour change, he start scream when he's hungry. Also through the conversation with the teacher I decided not to give them breast milk, one of the teacher said breast milk is more troublesome and taking longer time to heat up if baby is hungry. 1st feed at 8am is breastmilk from home, 2nd and 3rd feed are formula. I will give them surprise visit at lunch time to see how he is sleeping, I don't swaddle him at home, they swaddle him which I don't mind. I also speak to the kitchen helper if there's chance so that I know exactly what they cook.

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My 5mo drinks 3bottles too at ifc and sleeps longer there during the day than when she's at home. But she wasnt swaddled, the teacher only asked for the baby's security toy so baby can hold when she sleeps. The first weeks she took short 30mins nap but now she can nap uo to 3hours. You can probably get the teacher to feed at 4 hour? Just let them know you want that done. But no worries about the long stretch without feedung, baby will do reverse cycling when she's home - she will feed more frequently to kinda topup on the feed for the day

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Hey! My bub is 5 months and she does about 3 feeds in IFC. She goes in around 9.30 and I pick her at 6 pm. She does a feed around 11, then 2 and just before I pick her. About 3 nappy change too. And she also does about 3 nap times about 1.5 hours for each nap. 5 months and baby is swaddled at school and home when she sleeps.

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Thank you Roshni for sharing. Appreciate it. Today I had decided to write this long post because I was really shocked to hear from my hubby that our daughter was fed only once for the 8hrs she was there when he went to fetch her. And they explained to him that she had slept for 4hrs thus they could not manage a second nor third feed. There was only one diaper change for the entire duration she was there today. There I am, pumping furiously away and multi-tasking in office, worrying whether I cou

My baby in IFC drink 3 bottles of milk in about 9 hours. 150ml per feed. She is still swaddled at 6 months when sleeping. She howver max sleep 45 mins at 1 time.

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Thank you so much for sharing. Yup 45mins nap sounds like the norm. Not 4hr.. Just to add that my baby sleeps quite well at night and not like she had disrupted sleep and therefore makes up for it during daytime.