Transiting from DL to Pumping for IFC

Hi parents, my baby is 7 weeks old now, and will be entering ifc soon. Currently, I dl on demand and have no idea how much she takes in every feed. Sometimes she can feed every 1.5 hrs, sometimes 3hrs. How should I establish a feeding routine with ebm instead of on demand so that the teachers can follow when she enters ifc? TIA!

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I’m an exclusive pumping mummy. Every baby is different. Mine, at 7 weeks take about 60-90ml per feed every 2-3 hours. Maybe you can start with a bottle around this range then you can see how much she’s drinking and how often. My ifc only feeds baby milk every 3 hours, it’s their routine. Could also check with the ifc how often they feed the babies there, can help u gauge better

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2y ago

Sorry for the slow reply. To be honest I’m not so sure on this. Could check with ifc if they will? I guess if your LO cries, they will probably feed him. Sorry can’t help much. My LO hardly cries for milk. He’s not a fan of milk. Hahah


Start using bottle, so that LO know how to drink from milk bottle, DL only at night pack BM in small portion ie 50ml 80ml to prevent wastage I didn't give BM to IFC, 1 month before sending him to IFC, I start feeding him formula. Only feed him BM at home and weekend

3y ago

No more DL after sending him to IFC, consistently feed him 150ml and increase to 180ml every 3hrs