Is it selfish to my child to only want one child? Will my child feel lonely? I know from personal experience that it was quite comforting to have three siblings running around and constantly filling up the house with noise. But it has become so expensive to have children in Singapore! I feel I can handle the finances for one child. But to have more than that would be a burden... am I being selfish?

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I think most people will prefer to be the only child, as they get to have full attention. Actually having 1 child stop you thinking from, if i send no1 to piano lesson, no2 should also be given a chance to learn. But i wan no1 go dance class too, than no2 should also given a chance to go too, it's like 1.2k suddenly for 2 kids.. Than still got swimming, phonics etc. than how? Having 1 kid, have 1 kid benefit while having 2, if we are not rich people, than stuck at this Qs. Most people let no1 do many things, but not no2, cause expenses is higher than during no1 time.

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