Is it selfish to my child to only want one child? Will my child feel lonely? I know from personal experience that it was quite comforting to have three siblings running around and constantly filling up the house with noise. But it has become so expensive to have children in Singapore! I feel I can handle the finances for one child. But to have more than that would be a burden... am I being selfish?

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It is definitely not selfish for you to have only 1 child. There are benefits for having siblings too. That being said it would be more sensible to be realistic whether you can manage another child. On the long run if you have another child out of guilt, it wouldn't be healthy. If you do feel bad, perhaps spending quality time, doing activities will help you realise the benefits of having a single child too. You will have more, time, money, love, patience. Everything will not be required to share even yourself. Children won't know much, we know best. And we can do our best for them. Good luck Harry!

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