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My second CL came and she is always on her ipad watching movie.. ?? Guess having CL is need close both eyes

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Oh no, you seem to have had bad luck with CLs! They are not suppose to do that as their priority is taking care of newborn & mummy. It’ll be better to get a CL that comes referred or recommended by others as some confinement centres only offer very basic training before “certifying” them to be ready for posting in homes.

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Previously I didn’t have good experience with my CL too, in the end told the agent that I don’t want any CL from them anymore despite changing... getting from bad to worst.... So the last week of confinement, Hubby took the paternity leave and took over as a CL instead 😂

3y ago

I don’t quite understand why you asked about hubby taking paternity leave at the beginning Confinement nanny and husband, not link. Very blessed and glad hubby managed to stay almost all the way during the confinement with us and the whole year he requested to travel lesser to be with us. As for the CL, the issues and proof were make known to the agent anyway.

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Ops, getting CL nowadays is like playing lucky draw. If she is too over, suggest you to talk to her if doesn't work then request to change CL. Getting a CL is not cheap, you shouldn't deserve lousy service.

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Whhuuttt... you should talk to her if she goes overboard!

I think you should talk to her or change a new CL

If is too over... U can let her know

Did you used an agency?

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U r e boss

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Her priority and focus should be taking care of ur lo. But if baby is sleeping and other house chores like cleaning and cooking are done and she has some spare time watching iPad I think still fine.

3y ago

This is what my agency told me too. The baby is their priority