Hello, I am 16weeks pregnancy mom and this is my first child. I just want to make sure that before this within my first trimester I can feel the baby kick smoothly sometimes but now i can't feel anymore. I also didn't feel any pain now. Everything was normal. it's that normal?

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if u think there is something wrong go to private clinic and do scan or use a doppler to hear heartbeat.if heartbeat present then baby is doing just fine.sometimes baby position change and u cant feel anything.16weeks is still is still small. hard snd obvious movements can be felt at 25weeks above

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3y ago

tq so much.

Sis dh brp weeks? Normally 20 ke ats baru dapat rse baby grak2..saya bila 20w ngam2 baru dapat rse baby tp sangat2 slow..mcm rse perut brbunyik dh 25w, dh rse sgt baby grak2..better sis pergi check dlu..insyaallah baby okey tu😊

3y ago

Ok sis. tq. May be excited kot jd ibu tapi nurse pun cakap itu untuk permulaan hari tu masa pergi check.

saya rasa saya faham apa yg sis kata kan kat sini. kdg2 rasa tercuit sikit kat dlm perut tu kan. kalau rasa ada sedikit [email protected] rasa tercuit sikit tu, saya merasa benda yg sama. saya 12 week pgnt.

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ya. First saya x jangka juga, nurse pun memang cakap ada tapi untuk permulaan.

not able to feel any kick and/or a reduced kick count is a concern. better chk with the clinic or hospital to assure that the baby is developing normal.

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Ok. Thanks

I can't feel my baby movement at all not until after 24th week. Dr said might be water retention on tummy area lol

setahu saya 18 minggu ke atas baru baby start gerak . paling awal pun nurse cakap minggu ke 20 .

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Masa saya pergi check hari tu doktor ada tanya juga ada rasa baby tendang tak. So saya tak tahu pula macam mana rasa tendangan tu tapi memang saya ada rasa macam something terkena dekat perut saya tapi saya cuma buat tak tahu jak. Masa pergi check nurse ada tanya ada rasa tendangan tak so saya jawab tak ada tapi bila dia explain dekat saya macam mana bentuk tendangan tu teruslah saya bagitahu ada. Saya cakaplah bukan selalu juga then nurse tu pun cakap itu permulaan jak. Tapi tak apalah mungkin kita lain2 kot. Btw, tq for the info.

maybe to early..that why sometimes kick smoothly..

better consult gynae. they know the best.