Pregnant at 30+yo

Hi! I am currently pregnant with my no.3 at 31. I thought its easier because this is 3rd times already, but it worst. Mood swing, weak everytime(i just want to sleep), i cant smell some general things like hot pan, my husband smell etc., i dont want to cook, my stomach is bloating everyday, i dont wanna go out to anywhere eventhough i have something to buy i prefer to stay at home. Today is weekend we supposed to go hangout with kids at park or do shopping, but i am swing and feel very weak so i told my husband i dont wanna go anywhere you can go with the kids, but i turns that my husband dont want to go out with kids without me. I am crying, pity my kids they really want to go somewhere instead staying home doing nothing. Poor my kids, if mummy is not pregnant you guys must already having fun playing at playground or anywhere else. Actually i am not ready to go through these pregnancy journey. So its make me feel like a loser. Sometimes i am thinking its better if i am not pregnant right now. ??

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Tulis jawapan

Its just hormone happy...enjoy your pregnancy, maybe its your last prwgnancy who knows..

3y ago

Thank you very much. I really apprecited.