Cooking while babysitting

SAHMs, do you prohibit your child to roam around the kitchen when you cook? If your child is to be banned, where do you put him/her at?

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Not a SAHM but i have strict instructions to my helper that baby is not allowed in the kitchen. I had personally seen a case where the child pulled on the electric kettle cord and the boiling hot water splashed on him. He suffered severe burns was in hospital for weeks. Be safe not sorry. Can put the child in playpen if needed.

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I don’t allow my children to roam or run around in the kitchen. It’s not safe. I normally place them in an enclosed play area near my kitchen where I can see and hear them.

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Yes, I don’t allow my children in the kitchen when I’m cooking. I put them in the play pen placed near kitchen entrance with all their toys

I will place my child in his high chair where i can see him clearly while i cook to have a peace of mind

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I do actually and I will explain to her what I am doing and the likely dangers in kitchen.

I will give her toys to play in a play yard, will not allow her roam around.

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Not allowed on kitchen. I will put my lo in the playpen.

Yes I do Put her in play yard