Anybody doing home teach for your child ? If yes, what and how do you plan ? I'm considering to home teach my 1 year old and planning to put her to school when she's 3-4.

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I guess, no one puts baby as young as one in school. I mean not the one that I know of. I put my baby in nursery (pre-school) when she turned three. And to the kid as young as 1 there is no need to teach him. Let him observe, pick up words that you people say at home, sing rhymes to him, songs to him, cuddle him and give him little toys that are appropriate for his age to develop his intelligent quotient. At one, let him just feel, see, hear, adjust, react to life around him. :)

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A popular method to teach young babies is the Glenn Doman method. This method emphasises that the best time to hone a child’s potential is from birth to 6 years of age. Basically, you make flashcards with pictures and words printed on either side and you introduce a few new words to your baby daily. This website has downloadable flashcards you can print out and information you may need to start the Glenn Doman method for your baby :)

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8y ago

Glad I stumbled upon this.. Thank you for the link! :)

I plan to home team my first child till 5years but put her in nursery when she's 3years old. All because she wanted to go to school. I used montessori methods. And i plan to home school my 2years until he is ready to socialise for school.