My cooking journey for my child

I started cooking for my child when she’s 6 months old and the first dish was puree. Back then I was a full time mom till she was 1 years old. It was difficult to part with her when I decided to head back to work. But despite my busy schedule when I started working, I still prepare the food for my child before I head out for work. It was tiring but all worthwhile when your child tells you “Mummy, your food is the best. I love to eat your yummy food.” Till date if I didn’t cook for my child for a few days or so, she will request me to cook for her. So in this process, it also helps to creates a bond for me and my child when I cook for her and she appreciates it. As Mommies, we will want the best for our child. So start cooking for your child and don’t give up. Home cook food are more nutritious as we know what ingredients are place into the food. Let me know if you cook for your child and share with me what are some of the challenges you face while cooking for your child. #firstbaby #cookingmomma #cookingathome #Cooking #workingmama #workingmomlife

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Thank you for spending some time to read on my post. ☺️