Safe to take Panadol?

Hi, is it safe to take Panadol during pregnancy?

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Was sick one time and doctor said is OK to take normal panadol but not those panadol that mix with flu or cough and extra treatment.

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Must get paracetamol without caeffine. Will be best to get from gynae or GP that know you are pregnant.

5y ago

Noted. Ty!

Paracetamol is fine but best to check with GP cause there's different types

Paracetamol but try not to take if can. Try those natural remedies

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Yes, doctor told me panadol is the safe medicine for pregnancy

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Yes. But only 500mg paracetamol and nothing added inside.

Yes for normal Panadol but try Not to take too many!

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Yeah safe. As long as your follow the I structions

Take normal panadol only without the word extra

Normal panadol is fine. Don’t over take