Is it safe to do exercise during early stage of pregnancy

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It depends on how active you were pre preg, how your pregnancy is and if your symptoms are manageable :) I am quite active and I continued to exercise throughout the first tri from 4 weeks onwards. I did hiit/aerobics/circuit, a bit of yoga, and badminton in first tri. I've added swimming and barre later. Some other exercises didn’t work for me so i skipped those (e.g i found my motion sickness terrible on a treadmill). Now at 38 weeks I am still exercising but I've slowed down a lot. I do think it has helped me to avoid a lot of aches and pains of pregnancy, and excessive weight gain. I do watch out for symptoms of over exercising and I skip a day if I don't feel good. I've also dropped my pace significantly since I tire more easily as compared to pre preg. I take breaks during sessions if i needed to and always have a water bottle with me. My gynae said it's alright to exercise and to just avoid high impact activities, like jumping. It's also not a good time to try a new sport if you're not used to it, since getting an injury from it is more likely. If you're unsure, you could also ask your gynae at your earliest\ next visit :) This article has pretty good summary: https://www.acog.org/patient-resources/faqs/pregnancy/exercise-during-pregnancy

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Depends on the exercise. Light stretching is fine. Small walks is ok too. If you're thinking about running or gymming, I would highly advise against it as during this stage the chances of miscarriage is high. I did exercises (pregnancy cardio) after 20weeks

1st tri - try to avoid 2nd tri - light exercise 3rd tri - light to med exercise Well everybody's body is different. Try abit and see how it goes for yours.

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Check from your gynae to make sure your condition is allowed, to be safe. Or u may start at later second trimester.

No for first trimester. You may do some light exercise in second trimester. My wife didn't do at all. ☺

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Better don’t on ur 1st trimester n u may can start lightly from ur 2nd trimester

Not advisable. Have more rest and minimize movement during the first trimester.

Walk should be fine, anyway just get some advice from ur gynae to confirm

Best to consult your doctor for advice

Yes it’s safe to exercise.