Exercise during pregnancy

Comment below if you did exercise during pregnancy or not.

Exercise during pregnancy
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Erm, though exercise is crucial, I value safety aspect more (as i had a threatened miscarriage) so I only go for walks more actively during 2nd and last trimester when baby was more stable. Few days prior to EDD, I followed YouTube to do some exercise as I din want to be induced. Took longer walks and did abit of squarts and stretching to the best of my abilities (cuz it's very taxing to exercise with that big bulky tummy la).

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Yes, I kept up with my spin classes and near the end of the pregnancy, tapered down to pilates then yoga. Walks were also a great way to spend time with my husband. Had a short labour ~ 5 hours including 20+ mins of pushing for my first kid.

Exercise with caution especially for those who's has high risk pregnancy

Yup, prenatal pilates! Very useful :) was doing it till week 36.

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Yes, I did...i wanna deliver natural birth..

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No I didn't.. less walking too

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Yes only once or twice a week.

Yes simple yoga every morning

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Yes prenatal yoga and pilates

Yes, 30 minutes every workday