Enfamama maternity milk chocolate

Hi any reviews on enfamama maternity milk chocolate flavour? Will it make u gain weight easily. Currently 4 months. And I realize I have gain 7 kg in one month. I don't really eat much, just the usual meal. Snack on fruits. Only during weekends sometimes cake. The only thing I drink every night is Meiji fresh milk. I suspect the weight gain is due to the milk. Thinking of switching to enfamama chocolate.

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Super Mum

U might wanna try similac strawberry. Its nice. Been on that milk from day 1 but didnt actually gain weight till my current third trimester. Or if u get thise vanilla maternity milk, add a spoon of milo. It taste damn gooood!

7mo ago

add a spoon of milo? okay i will try it too.

Super Mum

I find enfamama choc is very very sweet. n may be the cause for weight gain. And as mummy below suggested, similac strawberry is actually a lot less sweeter.

3y ago

Thanks for the reply. I haven't try the chocolate yet. I drank meiji fresh milk all this while. I am thinking of switching to maternity milk. Shall consider the similac. Thanks!

Maternity milk is very fattening. My gynae don’t allow me to drink, even normal milk also can’t. Cos he say baby will grow too big.

Maternity milk will make you put on weight during pregnancy, this is what my Gynae told me, so she advised to drink fresh milk instead.

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Maternity milk alot of nutrition, i was told only to take fresh milk haha

Best maternity milk among all others. N i love chocolate flavor the most

Love this.. better than other milk