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Does any mummy here drink maternity milk during pregnancy? I tried enfamama and it's really very sweet. I have concern of GD if i continue drinking. Any brands to recommend?

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Hi. I had gdm too when i was pregnant. The dietician told us that most pregnant women have gdm due to maternity milk but that doesn’t mean we should stop taking it all together. Try to get those with no sweetening flavour. Just get those in vanilla and if you find that its too sweet to your tastebud, just adjust the no of scoops. For instance i drank frisomum honey vanilla flavour and per the serving instruction it was 4 scoops with water. Cut down to 2 scoops only.

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dumex mama not sweet, u can cut dwn 1-2scoop if u want, if u worry gdm u need to control yr diet not just the milk pblm, u can also get no sugar soymilk or low fat fresh milk instead

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Go for Abbott Similac maternal milk. Its suitable for those who have GDM during pregnancy too. Both pregnant and lactating mummies can consume it.

To me Friso mum is less sweet compare to other brand. Anmum also has no sugar added option . U can try...


I don't drink maternity milk but I take supplements regularly given by my gynae.


No maternity milk for me, I drink HL & soy milk

Fresh milk