remedy for cold

any remedy for blocked nose running nose

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What i'd do is clean his nose using nasal spray 2-3 times a day. Steam up the toilet a and bring him in for a short while to help him breathe better. Also apply essential oils that help in to easy the blocked/runny nose

I bath my kids 3 times a day when the having flu and congested chest. Apply vicks and rub at their sole and chest.. everynight till they feel better.

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Apply Vick’s vaporub on a handkerchief and tie around the toddlers neck

Zyrtec is good, or lemon concentrated juice, at night sleep elevated

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I use euky bear rub to put on my LO’s chest & back 😀

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I just increase my water intake. :)

Dehumidifier with essential oils

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Try panadol cold and flu sachet

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Usually some warm water helps