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Any recommendations on suitable caterers for 1 year old bday party? TIA! :)

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Tried Elsie's Kitchen recently but the pan fried carrotcake is super hard that none of guests wanted to take it. Better to stick with Stamford!

I would suggest Neo Garden and for halal food I will go for deli hub their package is reasonable and the food are good.


We often go back to a few trusted ones: Orange Clove, Saybons, Orange Lantern and Mum’s Kitchen! 👍🏼

Can try Neo Garden! Then for desserts you can try Choz Confectionery, it's quite raved about by celebs as well.

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Meihao99, Ronnie's Kitchen, YLS if no need Halal.. Stamford, Orange Clove if Halal needed

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Can consider Manna Pot catering. their food selection is pretty extensive(:

What kind of food are you looking at? Is Halal a requirement?

Orange clove. You can try searching at too.

I like meihao99. Been ordering from them

we like elsie's kitchen and neo garden too :)