Recently just received a warning letter from School that my Son behaviour issue, He kick furniture, tore down poster and punch and kick the teacher who want to stop him throw tanturm. He will stress if he forget his own homework. Like if teacher ask and he forgot the answer due to lack of practice. He has own expectation. If he doesn't know how to answer, he will cry and start to scream. Even weekend also, my hubby if don't follow His ways, he will start to scream and cry. Ended up, my hubby lose his patient and will beat him. Almost every weekend my hubby beat him up due to His bad tantrum. How do I help my Son? He is p2. I have 3 kids. He is my eldest Son. I only discipline him at home If he is really bad like play stove, or climbing too high. I am not sure what happens to him. Since primary school, he really like that. Like to cry and throw tanturm. Used to pamper by grand mum. Should I see physiologist ? The school has arrange Counselling for the warning letter. Or it is our parenting issues. My hubby is the another one that think must cane him to teach Him. He will called me up If he cannot handle him outside and asked me to fetch him from mrt station to home. It just Happens today that he slap him all the way from mrt station to home. I feel like stress by him. How can he discipline him outside? And he slap Him at from mrt as drag him Home?

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Was your child like this when he was in kindergarten? Seems like he cannot control his emotions and fear (which is normal for p2 kids), has different expectations of primary school and the teachers. I was a parent volunteer previously and have seen lots of such kids in p1/p2. Many of them are not used to the more restrictive environment in classroom setting, loud noises, more students in a classroom etc. Perhaps you can meet up with the school counsellor to see if extra help needed to guide your son. Your son is also experiencing the frustrations of not understanding certain topics, fear of being ridicule in class in front of his classmates when giving wrong answers etc. When he is calmer, explain to him it is okay to give wrong answers as no one is perfect. Perhaps you can also work with his teachers, ask ahead what new chapters will be taught in the following week, then go through the new unit with him. This will allow him extra time to understand. Please also speak to your hubby and ask him not to continue such abusive behaviour, as that will worsen your son's behaviour. Stay strong and be well, your son needs your assurance and TLC to guide him through this period.

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Please stop the aggression from your own Husband. It's making things worse. Sit down with ur Husband and think through it - did the beating help? Sometimes we lose our temper and think maybe if we beat, e child will learn. But seems like it's making things worse. Talk to your Son and explain to him why aggression is not the way. And your Husband must apologise to him for beating him up so badly! Slapping him all the way home from mrt is not just discipline- it's child abuse. Don't discipline in anger but discipline when you are calm. Once your Husband can apologise to him for your aggressive Behaviours towards him then you can begin to mend the relationship between parent and child and he will be more open to talk to you about his frustrations. It seems he acts out when he is fearful - doesn't complete homework, etc. So come up with a system to Ensure he does complete the homework and help him curb his fear if he forgets things. Maybe u and ur Husband go for some parenting courses. Continuous aggression toward ur Son will only do him more harm.

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You might want to go polyclinic to get a referral letter to child guidance clinic. They can help you better. I’m sure you are doing the best you can. It’s easier said then done when ask not to lose patience. We are all human. Don’t stress yourself.

Have you tried seeking help from the experts? It seems like he have some issues either mentally and emotionally. Does it happen all the time or only recently in P2?

hmmph was he like this before? most of the underlying issues are caused by emotional and mental reasons.

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How long have it been happening? Recently once he entered P2? It does seem alarming to me.

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