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My baby turning 1 years old. Recently Placed in ifc. Felt sick once and took care of him almost a week. I worried if back to workforce baby sick,isit hard to take leaves? Coz sometimes baby sick will take 1 to 2 weeks recover I heard and I doesn't have much help. Once a while my mum help. My hub starting new job ,worried will affect him take childcare leave. How do u all manage?

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I think this is a common issue for all parents with young children who are working. The thing is to compromise, who cares for the child in the event he/she falls sick. Employers have no choice but to let you be since it’s a genuine case. But at the same time, do your part as a parent and load up on vitamin c and build up immunity for the whole family. Practise good hygiene. As for me, I quit my job after 4 years after I gave birth to my firstborn. And it has been the best choice ever with no regrets. We live our lives humbly, nothing extra and we rarely fall sick. My husband is the only sole breadwinner and he doesn’t earn much, so we get by everyday with whatever he has on hands. No complains, no stress, just a lot of understanding and compromise. But it’s up to you. Sit down with your husband, friends and family members and discuss of the options you can take.

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10mo ago

I agree fully Children are happier trust me. bcz this is the growing phase where they need the parents more. you cn have more time spent together doing activities, increasing their brain development more, especially their emotional development which will help them to cope and adapt better when they're bigger.

I will request for wfh when my baby fall sick. Sometimes my hub will also take leave to take care. We just have to compromise and seek understanding from our employers as it is common for both parents to be working. Baby doesn’t fall sick so often after awhile in ifc. Are you prepared to be a SAHM? It depends on what you really want because not everyone is suitable to be a SAHM. Personally I wouldn’t be able to envision myself staying at home to care for baby.

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Im working .. Mine got covid once at around 5m , stuck at home almost 2 weeks coz i was still positive.. got hfmd and stuck at hm for a wk plus i tink.. then bronchitis… im lucky coz mostly my hb takes.. ur hb has to Work At least 3 mths before he is eligible for ccl.. tbh they really take quite a while to recover…

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From what i see at my workplace, taking leave is like youre taking mc -.- they will give that f***** up face. Whats more childcare leave. Consider like last min leave, irgent leave.

up front tell the manager and hope they understand . be prepare leave will use up fast and have to take unpaid leave

consider part time job or run own online business