recently my almost 2 months baby has difficulty sleeping during the day and sleeps well at night w 2-3hrly feeds. she would cry murder during the day even shes tired. she would even sleep less than 1hr each time. i cant do any housechores in the day bc i have to sit beside her cot? but once its bedtime, she sleeps well till 7am. so the most cranky moments starts from 7am onwards. during the day, i will bring her out to the living room and show her outside (look at the grass, trees, cars), and switch on the lights as my room is dark in the day. and night time i make sure to cover all windows and curtains and switch on AC, while explaining its night time. is it possible that she start recognising day and night?

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Super Mum

Yes, she definitely recognises day and night:) and it’s normal for her naps to be less than 1 hour. Actually your baby is doing very well for her age. Don’t be discouraged:) the naps get better with time